International Coalition of Fisheries Associations Statement Ahead of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee’s Meeting on Plastic Pollution 


April 22, 2024 Ottawa, Canada – The seafood community and its regulators must continue to be fully integrated into decision-making regarding potential obligations, measures and targets designed to reduce marine pollution.   

The INC-4 negotiations include discussion of fishing gear. The seafood industry recognizes that certain forms of sea-based marine plastic pollution such as abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), in some cases can be sources of MPL with disproportionately higher adverse impacts on marine biota and habitats. ICFA members support and actively participate in industry efforts to explore fishing technologies and methods such as recycling programs and gear development and monitoring initiatives that would maintain a prosperous fishing industry while also reducing the risk of entanglements. 

An international agreement that looks to holistically address legitimate ocean plastic pollution issues, must also consider global food security, food safety, nutrition, and the social and economic sustainability of seafood systems. 

ICFA’s resolution on marine plastics can be found here.   

Paul Lansbergen 


International Coalition of Fisheries Associations  

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