Sustaining Oceans, Nourishing the World

Balancing biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, and providing food security for the world.

What We Do

Navigating the future of fisheries

The International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (ICFA) is a beacon of advocacy, research, and unity in the global fishing industry. Guided by sustainability, we use our collective voice and knowledge to ensure a thriving future for the oceans and the communities they nourish.

Many oceans, one voice

We unite fishing associations worldwide, influencing policy and setting the course for responsible practices.

Casting nets of knowledge

Our research initiatives shape sustainable fishing, driving innovations that conserve ocean biodiversity.

Turning the tide on regulation

ICFA challenges inadequate regulations and advocates for balanced governance, steering policy towards sustainable management.

By the numbers


members across 6 continents

1.1 million

workers employed by our members


vessels in the seas and oceans

62 billion

meals provided to families across the world

Why We Do It

Making waves for global impact

ICFA isn’t just about seafood; it’s about feeding nations, boosting economies, fair rules, and setting the record straight.


Ensuring a stable food supply

Our work ensures a continuous supply of nutritious seafood, contributing to global food stability.


Strengthening the global economy

ICFA strengthens the fishing industry, creating jobs and boosting economies worldwide.


Advocating for equitable rules

We fight for regulations that are fair to all stakeholders, leveling the maritime playing field.


Correcting misconceptions

We challenge misconceptions, offering fact-based perspectives on the fishing industry.

Our Members