Join the global community that’s shaping the future of fisheries. Learn how ICFA membership can amplify your voice and impact.


Unlock the full potential of your involvement in the commercial fisheries sector by becoming a member of ICFA. Below are the benefits you’ll gain from joining our community.


Peer Networking

The opportunity to meet and exchange view on matters of mutual concern to the commercial fisheries sector with like-minded industry representatives


Policy Insight

Identification of fisheries policy developments at an international level of mutual concern and strategizing with members to achieve outcomes that will benefit the membership.


UN Accreditation

ICFA is an accredited international NGO within the UN system, giving it and its members rights to be represented and speak at relevant meetings of the UN, FAO and related international organisations as the only recognized advocate for the commercial fisheries sector. In 2021, ICFA was also awarded special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council giving ICFA special access to certain high level UN events and conferences.


Observer Status

ICFA is accredited as an observer NGO to a number of regional fisheries management organisations and can facilitate members to participate in their meetings.



ICFA represents the views of its members and works to counterbalance the influence of the internationally established environmental NGOs.


Strong UN Relationships

ICFA has a well-established and positive relationship with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and a developing relationship with the Divisional Office of the Law of the Sea at the UN in New York.

What our members say

Being part of ICFA means we are better connected to other seafood experts across a global network working on shared challenges and opportunities.

Marcus Coleman CEO, Seafish

ICFA provides a space for the seafood community to come together with a unified voice that advances issues for the global, commercial seafood industry. As the world’s population grows, so does our commitment to providing healthy, affordable, delicious protein options.

Lisa Wallenda Picard President and CEO, National Fisheries Institute

Becoming a member

Membership is open to national fish and seafood industry trade associations that are dedicated to the sustainable and responsible use of marine resources. To inquire about membership or to start your application process, click the link below to get in touch with us.